DevOps as a Service

DevOps For Development Organizations

In recent years, DevOps methodology and container technologies have been growing in popularity throughout the IT field. In development, DevOps emphasizes the connection and cooperation between software developers and IT professionals. This methodology strives to build a working environment that automates the processes for both infrastructure and software access.

Container technologies allow processes to run in isolated environments, with no need for virtual server resources. Using individual units with no operating systems, the processes are divided based on service, process, or a predetermined number of processes.

For example, Kubernetes enables container extraction using an open-source system that independently manages the performance of the container on multiple servers.

The system divides the containers required to run on the various servers based on the server’s load status, takes care of rebooting stuck containers, loads containers in place of failed processes, and can even increase the number of container copies running per load.

Wizards specializes in consulting, customization, and delivery of cloud solutions, including DevOps processes-based solutions, from the establishment of CI / CD systems to partner management and support for developers.

We consult and support development and infrastructure teams, helping them examine work processes, identify barriers, and streamline development and implementation processes. These services include the infrastructure aspects of the planning stages as well as optimization and automation during the development, integration, and testing processes and automation assistance in testing and production environments (CI / CD).

Wizards experts design and implement solutions for cloud-native, microservices, and container environments including Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, and ELK (Elastic Search, Logstash Kibana), as well as automation and configuration management systems such as MS Orchestrator, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and Terraform.