DevOps and Cloud Native

Collaboration between the development (Dev) and the operations (Ops) teams is the beating heart of DevOps. By facilitating cooperation and streamlining communications, DevOps can shorten the work process, helping organizations to rapidly develop software and release software updates on websites, apps, or through the cloud.

Speeding up the release process allows developers to react quickly to customers, competitors, and the market.

To meet the ever-changing needs and unique business goals of every company, we implement DevOps during the initial specification design process, offering expert consulting, training, and comprehensive management services, including:

• System infrastructure consulting for development teams during design stages
• Development, integration, and testing streamlining and automation
• Implementation of code integration automation and deployment to testing and production environments (CI/CD)
• Construction of optimized containerization processes according to the industry best-practices
• Cloud-native application expertise, including establishment, support, and monitoring of container-based environments/Kubernetes, both in the cloud and in on-prem environments
• Cloud-native, microservices, and container environment solutions, including:
– Tanzu, OpenShift, Rancher, and other Kubernetes distributions and solutions
– Prometheus, Grafana, and other monitoring tools.
– Elastic stack
• Automation and configuration of code management technologies such as Ansible, Terraform, ArgoCD, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and more