Wizards is a trusted provider of advanced technology solutions and IT consulting services, improving enterprise computing systems for organizations and companies in Israel and worldwide.

Wizards’ services and solutions include end-to-end planning, procurement, implementation, and ongoing system management, along with customized IT services and outsourcing solutions. This wide range of abilities enables us to address the most demanding enterprise computing challenges, regardless of our customer’s size and scale of operations.

Our high-performance capabilities are based on our team of first-class experts and consultants, who have proven track records and vast industry experience in diversified platforms, including Windows, VMware, Linux, various container vendors, and cloud infrastructure services.

The unique combination of comprehensive services and collaborations with the top software and hardware manufacturers in the global and local technology industry, provide the foundation for our ever-growing business partnerships and customer portfolio.

Wizards customers have come to rely on our vast experience in enterprise computing projects, our deep multidisciplinary expertise, exclusive methodologies, and proven cutting-edge services and solutions. Our customers know that this distinctive value allows them to maximize their performance and successfully cope with the demands of global business.


We want to help organizations work smarter. Our hybrid approach covers the full infrastructure spectrum, both at our customers’ sites and in a cloud environment.

At Wizards, we have the extensive know-how and varied abilities to combine a wide range of solutions and services and to develop and adopt innovative technologies to build the exact solution you need. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to make your business faster, more dynamic, and more responsive so you can continue to thrive and reach your most ambitious business goals.

Our services and unique work methodologies are focused on the four pillars of enterprise computing:

Infrastructure – On-Prem and In The Cloud

DevOps and Cloud Native


End User Device Management


Wizards’ consultants, architects, and technical experts have decades of experience in consulting, planning, and building computing solution architecture for local and international companies and organizations.

We have cultivated strong, ongoing partnerships with the world’s leading software vendors and computer manufacturers in a wide variety of computing environments (cloud platforms, Windows, VMware, Linux, containers, and more). These relationships allow us to provide our customers a broad selection of the most innovative solutions in a wide range of hybrid computing environments including cloud technologies, DevOps, containers, BYOD, unified messages, DR, and more.

Our team of professional consultants accompanies our customers from the earliest stages of specification design. After selecting the appropriate solution, our experts perform detailed planning, conduct a pilot, deploy the complete solution, and implement it across the organization.

Our reputation for trusted consulting and architecture is built on our vast knowledge and experience, decades of specialization in IT technologies, and certification from the world’s leading computing manufacturers, including Microsoft, VMware Quest, Citrix, Red Hat, and more.

Wizards offers its wide range of services in several flexible packages such as hours banks, predefined product-based price quotes, consultant availability, and more.

Our unique combination of capabilities offers our customers and partners solutions with the highest standards of quality while giving them the tools to meet the demanding challenges of today’s business environment.


To deliver the best IT and cloud solutions, tailor-made to help organizations make the most of their enterprise computing resources and successfully address the demanding challenges of a dynamic business environment.


Human capital

We believe that a culture of excellence is built on relationships. Therefore, we always strive to work with people who share our values of professionalism and integrity and to treat our employees, customers, and partners well. We are committed to maintaining a positive, supportive working environment inside and outside Wizards.


Our unique set of core values distinguishes us from our competition. Every member of the Wizards team is guided by these values and strives to apply them to all aspects of our work. This allows us to build strong, trusting relationships that offer unparalleled value to our employees, customers, and partners.


Fostering an environment of innovation and growth is an essential part of our business operations. We encourage our employees to explore, create, and take initiative by cultivating a work environment that inspires creativity, productivity, and growth. Our customers trust that Wizards will consistently offer innovation, creativity, and reliability. We will continue to work hand-in-hand with our partners to identify the technology of the future and turn it into solutions that help our customers meet today's challenges.



We are fully committed to providing the best solutions and highest quality service possible, in accordance with our customers' budgets and schedules.


We take full responsibility for the solutions and services we deliver throughout and long after the project ends. Whether resolving issues that arise due to technical failures or due to changes in the computing environment, we are and always will be available to assist our customers.


Our team, at all levels, is committed to the very highest professional, technical, ethical, and business standards. We constantly update our knowledge and practices to ensure that our solutions and services are compatible with new technologies, relevant to current needs, and meet all local and international regulations and standards.


We believe in teamwork and in sharing new ideas and insights, both within our team and with our customers. We believe that communication is a valuable part of our routine and is a key to better understanding and resolving problems and continually improving our solutions and services.


IT and cloud projects often involve sensitive business information. At Wizards we maintain the strictest discretion at all times and carefully protect any confidential information we encounter during our work.


Our team is the foundation of our business. By creating an environment where our employees feel secure and are given opportunities to thrive, we have achieved close to 0% employee turnover. This stability allows us to provide the consistent, excellent service Wizards is known for.


Cherishing our customers

We work closely with our customers to make sure we completely understand their needs and can provide them with the most appropriate IT and cloud solutions from the world's leading brands.

Thrive through excellence

"Good enough" is not in our vocabulary. Our unrivaled expertise, experience, and know-how allow us to provide end-to-end tailored solutions to address the entire spectrum of computing and cloud issues.

A holistic approach

We live and operate in a hybrid, multi-platform, multi-user, and multi-cloud world. Therefore, we believe that all computing and cloud solutions must be designed with the big picture in mind. Just as no part of an engine can be replaced or repaired without understanding the engine as a whole, we make sure that issues are resolved while all linked systems function smoothly and efficiently.



We are a certified partner of the world’s leading software vendors and computer manufacturers in a wide variety of computing environments, such as cloud platforms, Windows, VMware, Linux, containers and more.

The strong and fruitful partnerships we have with Microsoft, VMware, Quest, Citrix, Red Hat, Lenovo, Nutanix, Veeam and others allow us to provide our customers with a broad selection of the most advanced and innovative solutions in a wide range of hybrid computing environments including cloud technologies, DevOps, containers, BYOD, unified messaging, DR and more.

Our close and extensive collaboration with our partners enables us to:

  • Stay one step ahead of technology trends in an ever-changing industry
  • Accurately tailor our customers’ technology strategies to their needs.
  • Leverage the direct support channels we have with our partners to our customers’ benefits
  • Ensure effective delivery of systems and services
  • Create value for our customers




2 Hashikma Street. Afridar Tower, Azur


Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to uncompromising professionalism and constantly strive to leverage our know-how, experience, and diversified expertise to plan, design, and implement the optimal solution for each of our customers.

Listening to our customers is one of the cornerstones of our corporate culture and a key to understanding their needs. It is what allows us to successfully develop and integrate tailor-made solutions and offer a broad portfolio of system applications. With these tools, we address our customers’ most demanding challenges while meeting the criteria for the strictest international quality standards.

Since our establishment, we have managed and participated in projects with local and global organizations in the financial, medical, hi-tech, industrial, and manufacturing sectors.

As a trusted partner, we provide our customers with the services and solutions that allow them to successfully expand, thrive, and meet their potential for business growth.